Geriatric Care - Professional care at home by N.O.R.M.S

Geriatric Care - Professional care at home by N.O.R.M.S

Critical / Chronic Care - Effective Tracheostomy care at home by N.O.R.M.S

Geriatric care - Post-operative care by Professional nursing staff at home

Alzheimer Care - Trained Female attenders and doctors counselling at home

Critical illness/ Surgical care - Specialized post operative care at home

Palliative / Critical Care - Effective Tracheostomy care at home by N.O.R.M.S

Palliative/Critical Care - Palliative care with healthcare proxy at home

Mr. N. Prasad

Mr. Mehdi Ali

Name: Mr. Chandrasekhar

My father has been under the care of N.O.R.M.S since they started officially in August 2014, however Dr. Avinash has been involved in his health care since 2012.

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Daughter of the patient Mr. Chandrasekhar, Chennai
(Identity of daughter withheld due to privacy request)

Name: Mr. Agarwal

I am a doctor based in Chennai and have been taking care of my husband who has been on life support for the past three years with the rare and extremely difficult condition of motor neuron disease, a condition which causes increasing disabilities over the years.

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Dr Pushpa Agarwal

Name: Mrs. Ganga Rangarajan

Our aged mother, who lives on her own, barely survived a severe respiratory illness which saw her in an ICU for a month. Ever since she returned home close to a year ago she has been steadily recovering under the unparalleled care of NORMS, allowing my brothers and me to return the US where we reside.

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Mr. Krishna Rangarajan

Name: Sudha Ramesh

Thank you NORMS for the timely service rendered to my father.....a very precise diagnosis and treatment has definitely helped in keeping him comfortable and without much pain. Am ever thankful to you and will share your number with friends if they are in need of home care. Thanks once again.

Name: Sreelatha Bandla

The services provided by NORMS has been outstanding. Thank you for offering reliable services. The support staff have been very helpful in answering any questions and very professional in their interaction. I would recommend this service.

Name: Gillian Tilaka

While male nurses are of high demand, NORMS have always been able to help us with a substitute whenever required. Their customer service is of a high standard. Thank you.

Name: Niyati Mehta

I have used services from NORMS for my father in law and am extremely happy to have a doctor just a call away which is a blessing for geriatric patients. Dr Avinash ‘s calm and composed persona is very reassuring to his patients.

Name: Rachita Vaidya

We had the best support from NORMS in the most trying time - they almost helped us set up a mini hospital. The people heading it are one of the best people I have come across - we were new in Chennai with a very unwell parent. They hand held us - we couldn't have done this journey without the exceptional and professional support from NORMS. Thank You

Name: Shailu Mariam

Dedicated staff who are well trained to care for your loved ones round the clock, affordable options.... Keep up the good work NORMS Samaritans... ALL THE BEST

Name: Sharanya Dhanashekar

Excellent and prompt service provided by NORMS. Motherhood seemed so much easier because of the babycare nurse provided to me much before my delivery. Always there to help at any time. Highly recommended for any kind of medical service.

Name: Pavitra Ramani

Norms are true to their tag line 'care beyond health'. I chose their medical services to provide palliative care to my ailing mother. Their nursing staff was very efficient and took excellent care of my mother. Saw a lot of positive qualities in her that I failed to see in the nursing staff who was appointed for my dad in a similar situation a couple of years ago - punctual ,responsible , patient and caring in terms of physical and emotional support to the patient when alive and to the family when the patient is gone....

Name: Col V S Ranganathan

Highly informative and useful for addressing day to day ailments. There is a need for awareness among many more people who would need help in this direction. Wishing the medical team in such services all the very best.

Name: Geeta Rajeev

I have my aged mother who is bedridden since the past 2 years due to Alzheimer's disease. I was having a very difficult and stressful time taking care of her and in getting well-trained attendees to help out. Another problem was to get a Doctor to come home in case of any need. There was very little help available when I made enquiries.

Then a good friend told me about NORMS. They provide various kinds of help. The services I have used are - Doctors who come for home visits, Female attendees and nursing facilities at home. Let me state that they are very prompt in responding and I am fully satisfied with all their services. Let more such organisations like NORMS grow in order to be of help for people like me. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to the entire team of NORMS for choosing this line and for doing a stupendous job.